Lake Powell Quilters


Please contact the teachers directly for any questions

regarding patterns, kits, cutting instructions, supplies, etc

Wednesday 1pm - 4pm classes:  


​Teacher: Shannon White

Level:  Beginner to Advanced
Description:  At first glance this beautiful quilt looks complicated but really it goes

together quite easily. With just one Precut Layer Cake and a little yardage you can

create one in your style. Make it traditional or modern; the choice is yours.

Size:55" x 75 1/2"

Cost of Pattern: $10

Kit not required
Contact info: 801-360-8224  


WA1702-Top of the Morning
Teacher:  Joyce Weeks
Level:  All
Description:  Come enjoy making these chickens! Students will learn how to

applique using wool. Intructor will teach several techniques to make working

with wool so much fun!

Size: 22" x 41"

Cost of Pattern: $9.50

Cost of Kit ($40 (includes pattern)
Contact info:

WA1703-Tiny Strips of Memories
Teacher:  Melanie Hopes
Level:  Beginner
​Description:  I will show how to use all the tiny bits and strips of fabric that you would

normally deem too small to use. A leaders and enders class.

Cost of Handouts: $2-$3

Kit not required

Contact info:

​WA1704-Zircon Crystals
Teacher: Deonn Stott

Level: Confident Beginner
Description:  Based on the antique "Shoemaker's Puzzle" quilt from the 1840's,

this dynamic 1-block design creates dimension and movement using simple straight-seam

construction and a contrast in value. Class will include Deonn's "Practically Perfect Paper-Piecing:"

primer, and more tips to produce those pretty points. Use two colors or make it scrappy!

Cost of Pattern: $10 (Required)

Kit not required

Contact info:

WA1705-Stars and Birds

Teacher: Ronnie Badgett

Level: Beginner

Description: This is a great beginner quilt, and can be made in a weekend. Learn applique

and how to reverse your pieces, making sure you don't have two left legs or two right arms.

This is one of those quilts that can be as small or as large as you like, or different applique

ideas can be used. Let your imagination run wild! Come join us and have a ton of fun.

Cost of Pattern: $8

Contact info: 435-477-9021 or 435-477-2243

Wednesday 7pm - 10pm classes:

WN1701-Color Theory
Teacher:  Ann Baldwin
Level:  Beginner
Description: Do you struggle with what colors to pick for a pattern that you love? Does a finished

project ever feel too busy, out of balance, or just boring? Then come learn the basics of color

theory and learn skills that will help you choose the best colors for your next project. Value

(how light or dark) and its Saturation (brightness) can make your project look spectacular or cause

it to feel bland or unbalanced. We will be using a color wheel and value scale (provided in kit), color

sheets and fabric to practice/play with different color theory concepts such as value, pattern, texture,

contrast, analogous, split compliment, triad and tetrads. We will discuss how the choices we make

in fabric end up changing the final look of our projects. We will exchange fabric pieces during the

class and you will leave with lots of pieces to make one of the color theory projects shown or create

your own.

Cost of Kit (required):  $15
No pattern required; no sewing machine required
Contact info:   928-640-1489

WN1702-Frosty's Winter Table Runner   ​

Teacher:  Kris Orton  
Level:  Easy
Description: This is an adorable wool table runner by Buttermilk Basin that will add cheer

to your table for the holidays. Wool applique is quite simple but so stunning and beautiful. 

The kit features hand dyed wool appliques on a striped background. All the fabrics for the

project, backing and binding are included in the kit, along with the buttons and floss.

Size: 10" x 17 1/2"

Cost of Pattern:  $10

Cost of Kit (Optional): $40  
Contact info:   435-559-0281

Thursday 9am - 4pm (All day class)

TAD1701 - Advanced Machine Piecing
Teacher:  Krisanne Watkins  
Level:  Confident Beginner to Advanced  
Description:  Are you comfortable with the basics of machine piecing? Are you ready to

add some new techniques? This class is for the quilter desirous of increasing her

machine piecing abilities. We will get hands-on experience in Y seams, partial seams,

curved piecing, paper piecing, equilateral triangles, right angle triangles, and many more

associated techniques that will give you added confidence.

Size: 60 inches square

Cost of Pattern: $10 

Cost of Kit (Optional but very helpful):  You may choose from either the technique kit ($25),

which includes materials necessary to learn the basic tasks in class, or the wall hanging size

quilt top that incorporates all of the skills in a delightful project ($90). Pattern fee is included

in the kit fee.
Contact info:

Thursday 9am - noon classes:

​TM1701- Shattered  
Teacher:  Lynnette Bingham  
Level:  Confident Beginner
Description:  Create an optical illusion in fabric! Making this quilt is easier than it looks.

A beginner level quilter will have no problem with the strip-pieced blocks.

Size: 72" x 92"
Cost of Pattern Cost: $10

Contact info:   435-632-2560

TM1702-Ultimate Block Exchange  
Teacher:  Wendy Lemmon  
Level:  Any and All! 
Description:  Class participants will be assigned to create two different blocks for each

fellow participant under the general theme of “Road Trip!”  The focus blocks will have a

specific assigned category and size, and should be representative of your skill as a quilt

maker.  The filler blocks will be smaller, should be simpler, yet compliment your focus

blocks.  All of the blocks are to be completed prior to class.  When you sign up for the

class, you will be directed to send the starter kit fee to the instructor.  She will then send

the assigned sizes and category to you, along with some basic and specific instructions,

and a fabric starter kit.  The sooner this is done, the sooner you can start working on your

blocks.  There is a maximum of 32 blocks will to be completed prior to class as "homework". 

We exchange blocks in class, and then start sewing, referring to the quilt “map.”   It is possible

to have your quilt top essentially pieced by the end of class period.
Cost of Pattern: FREE
Cost of Kit (Required): $25 Fabric Starter pack so that all fabrics will play nicely.

Students will need to add additional fabrics to complete their blocks.

Contact info:   435-668-1886

This class will close on October 14th

TM1703-Dawn's Early Light

Teacher:  Joyce Weeks
Level:  Basic piecing skills required
Description: Come celebrate America with this beautiful quilt! Instructor will 

demonstrate use of triangle paper and easy piecing skills.

Size: 79" x 99"
Cost of Pattern: $10

Cost of Kit: $25 (includes triagngle paper and fabric for two blocks)
Contact Information:

TM1704-Stars, Stars, Stars
Teacher:  Gina Darlington
Level:  Experienced Beginner
Description: Who knew one block design could create such a beautiful, diverse quilt?

Color choices will dramatically change it to be yours. We will use an easy, non-waste

method to make the Flying Geese used in the start block. In fact, you won't even sew

a triangle!
Cost of Pattern: $5

No kit required

Contact info:   928-853-4696

Thursday 1pm - 4pm classes:

TA1701-Little Elephant  
Teacher: Sariah Mortensen 
Level:  Intermediate
Description: Pink Elephants on parade! Unless you are making this for a little boy,

then of course blue or gray pachyderms would be in order. No special tools or

rulers are needed. I made some improvements to the original pattern design, which

I will share with students. You will be able to get a few blocks made in class, and then

you will be easily able to finish your herd at home.

Cost of Pattern: $10

No kit required
Contact info:   435-229-0563

TA1702- Fierce Feathered Star 

Teacher:  Claudia Crump
Description: If anyone had told me that a Feathered Star was "ABC...Easy as 1 2 3"

I would have laughed out loud! Until I made the Fierce Feathered Star! I love this pattern.

When I saw it I had to make it immediately.

I love it and so will  you. We will make the 36" version in class. There are no "Y" seams,

no paper piecing and no problems! I made it in four colors and a background, but you

can do it however you want. Just come and do it with me!

Cost of Pattern $10 (can be purchased on

No Kit Required

Contact information:  (435) 676-2525


TA1703-Merry Trails  
Teacher: Kris Orton  
Level:  Intermediate
Description:  This is a darling Christmas project featuring snowball blocks,

tree blocks and easy machine applique. It goes together quickly and is adorable

hanging on your wall to welcome your guests for the holidays.

The window of the trailer features a cute wreath embellishment and the tree on the

door of the trailer has ornament embellishments which come with the kit.

Size: 54" x 42"

Cost for Pattern:  $10
Cost of Kit (Optional): $65

Contact information:   435-559-0281

TA1704-Four Intermediate Techniques

Teacher:  Brenda Bailey
Level: For All Levels
Description:  This is a hands-on class, where you will learn by doing. You will sew

curved seams and Y-seams (where three seams meet). You will also be doing

​paper piecing and learn how to make curved handles or vines using a press

plate. This is a great technique class that you don't want to miss.
Cost for Pattern: FREE

Cost of Kit (Required): $10 - Includes handouts and all the fabric cut and ready

to do the hands-on blocks.
Contact info:   435-445-3473 or 435-851-1604

Thursday 7pm - 10pm classes: 

TN1701-Sashings & Settings
Teacher:  Melanie Hopes
Level:  Beginner
Description: This is a lecture and hands-on class, where we will talk about settings,

sashing, squaring up blocks, Power Rotary cutting, how to get all your blocks to look

the same size without cutting off the points. We will include tips and tricks to maximize

the use of your rulers. Students will bring blocks they would like to set together.
No pattern or kit required
Contact info:                         

TN1702-Salmon River
Teacher:  Nancy Gilliland
Level:  Easy
Description: This fun quilt is appliqued and quilted at the same time, using a raw edge

applique technique. It's a great way to learn yet another way to be super creative with

your art quilts! Dive on in!
Cost of Pattern: $5

No kit required
Contact info:

TN1703-Three Bags Full

Teacher: Nance Holl

Level: Confident Beginner

Description: These sassy, duffle-style bags come in three sizes: small for your

personal items, medium for your weekend gear, or large...big enough for vacation!

We will be making the medium size bag in class.

These bags work best with two-sided quilted fabric, so select some really fun fabrics

and quilt them yourself with cotton batting in the middle. Fancy quilting is not

needed; simple straight lines in a two-inch grid are sufficient. Or you can just purchase

fabric already quilted. Either way, choose sturdy fabrics because these bags are going

to get a lot of use! 

Cost of Pattern: $13 (includes three sizes)

No Kit Required

Contact info:   435-668-8207

Friday 9am - 4pm (All day classes)


FAD1701-Windows to the Garden
Teacher: Gina Darlington
Level: Experienced Beginner
Description:  This is a quick quilt that only looks complicated. It is a great project

for florals or batiks.

Bonus: We will use the leftovers for a table runner or topper if we have time.
Cost of pattern: FREE (see attached pattern information)
Kit not required
Contact info:  928-853-4696

FAD1702-Road Trip Case
Teacher: Shannon White
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Description:  This travel case is perfect for all your sewing needs for classes and retreats.

It would also make a great cosmetic bag and wouldn't it be perfect for your kiddos to keep

all their little trinkets and treasures organized while traveling?

Cost of pattern: $12

Kit not required
Contact info: 

Friday 9am - noon classes:

FM1701-Majestic Eagle
Teacher:  Nancy Gilliland
Level: Intermediate 
Description: This majestic eagle is a joy to make! This is a NO sewing machine class.

We will be focusing on just making the eagle head, which you should be able to finish 

during the class. It will take most, if not all, of our three hour time slot. Keep an eye

out for the perfect fat quarter for the background...if you can't decide, then bring

several to audition during the class! The quilting portion of the project can be done on

your own after class. I'll send more detailed information with the supply list.

Cost of Pattern:  Included with kit

Cost of Kit (Required): $5 (you will need to bring additional fabric)
Contact info:   928-660-2123


FM1702-Majestic Mountain
Teacher:  Sariah Mortensen

Level: Advanced Beginner

Description:  If you love clever techniques and stunning scrap quilts, you must

take this class.Would you believe this quilt starts with all 8 1/2 inch squares!! Don't

be afraid to use a wide variety of fabrics in your quilt. This is a good project to use 

up some of the "odd or weird" ones. Instructor will also share alternate layout options

to give you ideas on putting your quilt together. 
Cost of Pattern:  $1

Kit Not Required

Contact Information:



FM1703-Quarter Sewn

Teacher:  Bonnie Folkner

Level:   Confident Beginner

Description:  Quarter Sewn is a delightfully vesatile raw-edge applique quilt.

The quarter circles are easy to peice and the block layout options are endless.

The finished size is perfect for a twin-sized bed or a large throw for your living

area. Come prepared and we should be able to get all the blocks finished in class.

Cost for Pattern:  $3
Kit Not Required

Optional Ruler: $22

Contact Information:   435-851-0719

Friday 1pm - 4pm classes:

Teacher:  Krisanne Watkins

Level: Confident Beginner to Intermediate
Description: Abbigail was designed to look great using a large variety of fabric genres,

from historical to modern. Abbigail transitions an original block packed with numerous

techniques into a bright and beautiful quilt. There is a contrasting chain running through

the blocks and setting that creates a lot of visual movement. Many opportunities to

improve and expand your piecing skills abound, including square in a square, fast nine

patch, quick corners, diagonal setting, and so much more.

Cost of Pattern:  $10

Cost of Kit (Optional): $115
Contact info:     801-310-0234


FA1702-Redwing Blackbirds
Teacher:  Claudia Crump
Description:  How about something just for fun! Loved these blackbirds and just had to 

have them. They are whimsical and fun to make. The best part is they work up really 

fast. They are fun on pillows, table runners, bags, but I just love this wall hanging.

Come fly with me, making these fun birds!

Size: 40" x 38"

Cost of Pattern:  $10
Contact info:   435-676-2525

FA1703-'Round About the World
Teacher:  Lynette Bingham
Level: Intermediate
Description: This striking quilt is wonderful in either batiks or cottons. The

gradation from light to dark in the fabrics is important. Easy strip piecing

techniques make it simple!

Size; 42" x 42' (53" with borders)
Cost of pattern: $4
Contact info:  435-632-2560

Friday 7pm - 10pm classes:

FN1701- Hand Quilting 
Teacher: Brenda Bailey
Level:  All
Description: You no longer need to put your quilt top on frames if you want to hand

quilt it. This updated method makes it SO easy and so much handier. You can work

on your project anytime and anywhere!

Come learn and practice all you need to know about creating your own heirloom, by

hand hand quilting your quilt. It is very relaxing!
Cost of Pattern: FREE

Cost of Kit (Required): $8 - Includes handout and all the fabric and supplies needed

Contact info:   435-445-3473 or 435-851-1604

FN1702-Alternate Endings
Teacher: Deonn Stott
Level: All
Description: In a bind when it comes to finishing a quilt? This Binding Workshop

class will arm you with tips and tricks and more ideas to help you finish your quilts

with flair! Discussion will highlight binding basics, from perfecting those mitered

corners to solving the mystery of that final spliced seam. We'll have fun with scallops,

prairie points, faux piping and chenille, then learn tricks to conquer curvy edges,

odd-angled inside and outside corners and more as we test out these alternate

endings on a sample project. Class will include a mini trunk show of piize-winning,

fabulous finishes.
Cost of Pattern (Required): $8

Cost of Kit (Optional): $20
Contact info:

Saturday 9am - noon classes:


SM1701-Project Bags
Teacher: Bonnie Folkner
Level: Confident Beginner to Advanced
Description: Need to get your projects organized? These project bags are the

perfect answer to organizing small to medium projects! The clear front helps you quickly

see what's inside! These are so fun to make that you're going to want for every project!

The pattern includes three sizes, and we'll work on finishing at least one bag in class.

Cost of Pattern (Required): $10 (includes nylon webbing for handle, batting and clear vinyl

for front of bag)
Contact info:   435-851-0719


SM1702- Hip to be Square!
Teacher:  Wendy Lemmon
Level: Advanced Beginner
Description: I enjoy making quilts that look dimensional. Join me as we tackle this fun

layered square quilt. Two simple blocks come together to make this great quilt. Simple

shapes are always fun to work with.
Cost of Pattern: Free
Contact info:

SM1703 - Not Your Grandma's Dresden (CANCELLED)
Teacher:  Nance Holl
Level:   Easy 
Description: This unique dresden pattern is fun, easy and versatile. The center "star"

makes this Dresden especially beautiful. The block size is 10 1/2 x 10 1/2, so you

will achieve maximum results in a minimum time. While our class will be all about

the boxy rectangle version, you will also learn several other variations that are fun

and easy.

Use your stash for a random color scheme, or choose your favorite palatte for a more

"organized" look. This quilt would also be gorgeous in batiks.

Simple piecing and your choice of applique methods make this a quilt you will enjoy

making for yourself or someone special.

Cost of Pattern: $10

Plastic Template (Useful, but not required): $19.95

Contact info:   435-668-8207

SM1704-Carpenter's Wife

Teacher:  Deonn Stott

Level: All

Description: Quilts don't get much easier than this! Quickly piece this stunning

bed-size quilt with big, easy blocks (with no "Y" seams) to make a big impression!

Bust your stash or use your favorite pre-cut layer cakes or fat quarters you've been

saving for that special quilt. Class discussion will include some of Deonn's best tips for

speed-piecing, using directional prints, and creating precise mitered borders.

Cost of Pattern (Required): $9

Contact Information:

SM1705-Modern Curves

Teacher: Nancy Gilliland

Level: Advanced

Description: This modern quilt is made with some good old-fashioned patience and lots

of pins! If you haven't sewn curves or used tempaltes before, then this is a good way to

introduce them to your quilting arsenal of techniques.

Size: Approximately 23" square

Cost of Pattern: $5

Contact Information:   928-660-2123