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Lake Powell Quilters

Wed - Nov 8Thurs - Nov 9Fri - Nov 10    Sat - Nov 11


All Day Classes

Advanced Machine Piecing 

Krisanne Watkins - TAD1701

Windows to the Garden

Gina Darlington - FAD1701

Road Trip Case

Shannon White - FAD1702


Morning Classes


Lynnette Bingham - TM1701

Majestic Eagle Collage

Nancy Gilliland - FM1701

Project Bags

Bonnie Folkner - SM1701

Ultimate Block Exchange

Wendy Lemmon - TM1702

Majestic Mountain

Sariah Mortensen - FM1702

Hip to be Square

Wendy Lemmon - SM1702

Dawn's Early Light

Joyce Weeks - TM1703

Quarter Sewn

Bonnie Folkner - FM1703

Not Your Grandma's Dresden

Nancy Holl - SM1703

Stars, Stars, Stars

Gina Darlington - TM1704

Carpenter's Wife

Deonn Stott - SM1704

Modern Curves

Nancy Gilliland - SM1705


Lunch Break
Lunch Break


Afternoon Classes


Shannon White - WA1701

Little Elephant

Sariah Mortensen - TA1701


Krisanne Watkins - FA1701

Top of the Morning

Joyce Weeks - WA1702

Feathered Star

Claudia Crump - TA1702

Redwing Blackbirds

Claudia Crump - FA1702

Tiny Strips of Memories

Melanie Hopes - WA1703

Merry Trails

Kris Orton - TA1703

Round About the World

Lynette Bingham - FA1703

Zircon Crystals

Deonn Stott - WA1704

4 Intermediate Techniques

Brenda Bailey - TA1704

Stars and Birds

Ronnie Badgett - WA1705

Dinner Break
Dinner BreakDinner Break


Special Events

Meet the teachers and

preview the classes 

Trunk show by 

Quilting Sisters of Mesquite

Veterans Quilt Presentation,

Show and Tell, and

Grand Prize Drawing


Evening Classes

Color Theory

Anne Baldwin - WN1701

Sashings & Settings

Melanie Hopes - TN1701

Lost Art of Hand Quilting

Brenda Bailey - FN1701

Frosty's Winter Table Runner

Kris Orton - WN1702

Salmon River

Nancy Gilliland - TN1702

Alternate Endings

Deonn Stott - FN1702

Three Bags Full

Nance Holl - TN1703